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Strategy is about making the right choice, innovating & converting idea into execution. The role of Strategy Leader is evolving every now and then with technology and ever changing environment. Strategy Leader are already in spotlight and are considered to be architects of their organization’s present and future.

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Key themes to be addressed, but not limited to:

How to create your own unique strategy to future proof your business

Learn how transformation can turn out to be a game changer

How to drive growth from Artificial Intelligence strategy

Learn how to Bridge business strategies between the departments

Going beyond the basics with Innovative strategy

Why Should Attend the 3rd Strategy Leaders Summit & Awards 2018?


To be up to date with the digital trends in strategy planning


Technique to future proof your organization


How Artificial intelligence can change the way you plan a strategy

Survival for digital disruption

Who Should Attend the 3rd Strategy Leaders Summit & Awards 2018?


Chief Strategy Officer


Head of corporate strategy


Vice President Strategy


Director of Corporate Strategy


Director Strategy Corporate Development


Vice President Corporate Strategy


Vice President Strategy Business Development


Head of Strategy


Senior Director strategy


Vice President Business Strategy


Director Business Strategy


Vice President Strategy